Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Baked potatoes with soya tzatziki dressing

Hi there :) Today I have an easy dinner or lunch recipe idea for you, which takes only half an hour to prepare, that is all it takes to make a healthy and nutritious meal for the whole family. 
The recipe is inspired from one of Attila Hildmann's vegan cooking books, with more modifications.

What will you need: 

For the Tzatziki dressing with a twist:
- 500 grams of fermented soya yogurt
- 1 tbsp of olive oil
- 1/2 zucchini
- 1/4 red onion
- 1 tsp of spicy paprika powder
- Salt, pepper according to taste
- 2 big cloves of garlic
- 1 tbsp of white vinegar

For the potatoes:  
- 1kg mixed white and sweet potatoes
- 3 tbsp of olive oil for 1kg of potatoes
- 2.5 tbsp rosemary (fresh, if available)
- Salt, according to taste 

Start with the potatoes. Preheat the oven to 200°. Combine olive oil, rosemary (or other herbs you like), salt and pepper in a small bowl. Wash the potatoes and cut them into 8 wedges.  Rub the potatoes with the olive oil mixture and place them on a baking tray. Bake on a circulating heat for about 25mins.

While the potatoes are baking, go ahead and prepare the tzatziki dressing. I use fermented soya yogurt in this recipe, with no added sugar. I find that many soya yogurts available in the grocery stores have tons of sugars added to them. Try to find one with no added sugars on a fermented soya base. The flavor of this yogurt resembles the fine quark taste, which fits the tzatziki dressing very well. 
Cut the zucchini into very slim slices lengthwise. You can use the potato peeler to make the slicing easier :)  Cut the slim zucchini slices to half and place them into a mixing bowl. Press the garlic cloves through the garlic presser and add them together with the remaining ingredients into the mixing bowl. Mix all ingredients well with the soya yogurt.

Serve the potatoes hot, with salad and veggies on the side. Pour the tzatziki sauce over the potatoes and your veggies.

Enjoy :)