Saturday, July 5, 2014

Raspberry avocado pudding

I loveeee can use them to make sooo many tasty things: smoothies, salads, spreads and desserts too! At the beginning I was very skeptical to use this green fruit to make desserts, but now I'm converted ... and everyone who tries the desserts as well ;). This pudding takes about 5minutes to make and its a delicious, healthy replacement of the conventional puddings. Fast, nutritious and satisfying.

What you will need:

- 4 dates
- 2 heaping tsp of pure cocoa powder
- 2 ripe avocados
- 1.5 cup frozen raspberries (or fresh raspberries, or any other berries you like)

Place all ingredients to the food processor and blend until a smooth, creamy paste is formed. Divide the pudding into three cups and place them into the fridge. If the berries were not frozen, you can place the pudding into the freezer for half an hour. 
Top with berries, serve and enjoyyy :)